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At Point Management Group we partner with our clients and strategic partners to address their needs in a productive and cost-sensitive manner.  The pride we take is reflective in our innovative business solutions that are quickly becoming time-tested. Check out our Corporate News to learn more about our projects and team success.  

"I personally congratulate you and your team on winning the Hugh K. Coble Project Excellence Award.  Your team demonstrated Fluor's value advantage to support the financing, design, and construction of a challenging lump sum job by carefully managing scope changes, all the while maintaining good relations with your Client.  Additionally, your project's performance in improving the schedule, profitability, as well as developing strong community relations was exceptional.  In today's highly competitive world, it is vital that we always demonstrate Fluor's added value, and you and your team did this in an outstanding fashion.  My hat is off to you and your team and I wish you much success."  ~ Hugh K. Coble

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