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Point Management Group has successfully employed principles of human performance improvement to systematically discover and analyze performance gaps.  The outcome is enhanced organizational functionality based upon justifiable interventions that address performance gaps.



Below are the management commodity/service codes which are inclusive

of the types of work our staff has actively participated within: 


91804        Accounting/Auditing/Budget Consulting

91806        Administrative Consulting

91812        Analytical Studies and Surveys (Consulting)

91820        Business Consulting, Small

91827        Community Development Consulting

91828        Computer Hardware Consulting

91829        Computer Software Consulting

91831        Construction Consulting

91835        Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and                                                                Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Consulting

91837        Economy Consulting

91838        Education and Training Consulting

91840        Employee Benefits Consulting

91849        Finance/Economics Consulting

91858        Governmental Consulting

91865        Human Relations Consulting

91866        Human Resources Consulting

91867        Human Services Consulting

91875        Management Consulting

91879        Minority and Small Business Consulting

91883        Organizational Development Consulting

91885        Personnel/Employment Consulting

91887        Purchasing Consulting (Spec. Development)

91888        Quality Assurance/Control Consulting

91892        Urban Planning Consulting

91893        Security/Safety Consulting

91895        Telecommunications Consulting

91800        Consulting Services

925120     Administration of Urban Planning & Community and Rural                                          Development

926120     Regulation and Administration of Transportation Programs

Below are the NAICS Codes and Descriptions which are inclusive of the types of work our staff has actively participated within:


488999     All Other Support Activities for Transportation

518210     Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services

519130     Internet Publishing and Broadcasting & Web Search Portals

541330     Engineering Services (Specifically Engineering Consulting,                                 Conducting Engineering Studies and  Prepare Reports)

541511     Custom Computer Programming Services

541512     Computer Systems Design Services

541513     Computer Systems and Data Processing Facilities (i.e. clients'                           facilities)

541519     Other Computer Related Services

541611     Management and Operation Services, Administrative                                         Management & General Management Consulting Services

541612     Human Resources and Executive Search Consulting Services

541614     Transportation Management Consulting Services

541618     Other Management Consulting Services

541720     Research & Development in the Social Sciences Humanities

541910     Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling

551114     Corporate, Subsidiary, and Regional Managing Offices

561110     Office Administrative Services

561320     Temporary Help Services

561330     Professional Employer Organizations

561410     Document Preparation Services

561990     All Other Support Services

561920     Convention, Event, Meeting, and Trade Show Services

611420     Computer Training

611430     Professional and Management Development Training

611710     Educational Support Services

921190     Other General Government Support

923130     Administration of Human Resource Programs (Except                                       Education, Public Health, and Veterans' Affairs Programs)

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